an exquisite san diego massage:
San Diego's top massage therapists travel to YOU! 

As the days get shorter and the weather gets less sunny, reach out to Exquisite Mobile Massage where the ultimate in relaxation travels to you. From in-home to in-hotel-room single services and group chair massage events, Exquisite Massage has the team ready provide you with San Diego's best mobile wellness services! Call or book online today! 

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Exquisite Mobile Massage travels to you!

Imagine the relaxation you will feel when the ultimate spa experience is created inside the comfort of your own home or hotel room… There is no need to change out of your robe, drive, or as much as step foot outside the door. Your Exquisite Massage Therapist arrives completely prepared to ease your mind and create an uplifting and relaxing environment.

When you call Exquisite Mobile Massage, expect to be deeply relaxed with aromatherapy, calming music, and a heavenly and healing massage. With any of our exquisite services, we encourage you to communicate your special requests or preferences because this session is created specifically for YOU.

All Exquisite Massage services can be experienced solo or by the side of someone you love. When your session is complete, remain relaxed and stay within your own private domain. Sessions are offered from 60 minutes to 3 hours. Choose what you wish and for how long and truly enjoy all Exquisite Massage's soothing hands have to offer!

Defining Elegance...Delivering Excellence

You may also choose to pamper those around you by bringing mobile massage to your party or corporate event. Our chair massage services at your special event are the perfect party favor, enhancing the fun vibe by indulging and entertaining friends, guests, or clients. Consider Exquisite Mobile Massage for your next bridal event, birthday, employee appreciation, grand opening  or fund-raising event!

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